Fall Favourites from Simply Be

Its fall and you know what that means; sweaters, tights and layers! Its cozy season and Simply Be has got it covered for plus size comfort clothing! Simply Be has virtual isle’s stocked to the roof of every single style, size and colour you could imagine. Ranging from your usual cozy knit sweater to (brace yourselves) a full pleather skirt. I really do think its safe to call it when I say I won’t be looking any further this season.

Autumn is the perfect time to go searching for that fancy smancy dress you just know you’re going to be slipping into come December. There’s nothing quite like putting on your favourite dress to go attend a family party or (in my case) enjoy an annual trip to the theatre. I’m so wildly impressed with the options on Simply Be’s website that I’ve already started daydreaming about wearing a few pieces. Like the Rose Detailed Pleated Dress and the Rise Evelyn Dress. Such pretty choices, such an incredibly large selection to pick from and such a dream for a shopaholic like me!

One of my favourite things about Simply Be is how accommodating they are. In an endless sea of limited plus size shops that seem to forget that full figured bodies exist outside of a size 18/20, Simply Be really just gets it. The truth is we all need our own personal go to store and I think Simply Be really just gets what that means. Tons of options, a wide range of sizes from 12-32, on trend items while still offering classic and timeless pieces. They’re everything a one stop shop should be and the best part? Being able to access that right from the comfort of your own home. It just doesn’t get better than that.


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