First Day of School!

Along with moving out of my childhood home and starting a new (dream) job, I’ve also enrolled in college! Being in any sort of school is really, really stressful for me but I just couldn’t sit back and allow my dreams to go unrealized any longer. Nonetheless, this is all very exciting and I’m so happy with where my life is headed. Who knew being a grown up could be so fun?
I snagged up some super cute clothes at the last Value Village 50% off sale. If you don’t already know they usually have a big sale at the end of each month on featured items. I’m pretty dedicated to attending every sale because I always manage to come home with gems like these! I felt downright cute   for my first day of school and its so nice to have a place to routinely show off my outfits!
Top: Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Ardenes
Earrings: Can’t Remember
Pin: Pork Mag


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