Sunflower Child

I’ve said it once or twice but I really am bummed that I haven’t had the chance to enjoy summer as much as last year but being an adult means missing out on things you want. Thankfully I’ve had the chance to put together some of my best outfits yet so I’m deeming this the summer of on point outfits pour moi!

This has also been the summer of flower crowns for a lot of us and I didn’t wanna be left out. I seldom wear headbands because they tend to give me headaches but my dear friend Courtney has somehow found a way around that. I nabbed this cute sunflower crown from her shop (The Glitter Thread Designs) and immediately found myself wearing it everywhere. Its extremely well made too, not even a sign of wear or tare after using this bad boy for months on end! If you’re in the market for a flower crown I highly suggest checking out her shop. She has quite the selection too, offering every type of crown with every type of flower you could imagine!!

Top – c/o Simply Be
Shorts – New Look
Shoes – FaToo
Flower Crown – The Glitter Thread Designs
Ring – Ebay


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