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August 2012

    Sunflower Child

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    I’ve said it once or twice but I really am bummed that I haven’t had the chance to enjoy summer as much as last year but being an adult means missing out on things you want. Thankfully I’ve had the chance to put together some of my best outfits yet so I’m deeming this the summer of on point outfits pour moi!

    This has also been the summer of flower crowns for a lot of us and I didn’t wanna be left out. I seldom wear headbands because they tend to give me headaches but my dear friend Courtney has somehow found a way around that. I nabbed this cute sunflower crown from her shop (The Glitter Thread Designs) and immediately found myself wearing it everywhere. Its extremely well made too, not even a sign of wear or tare after using this bad boy for months on end! If you’re in the market for a flower crown I highly suggest checking out her shop. She has quite the selection too, offering every type of crown with every type of flower you could imagine!!

    Top – c/o Simply Be
    Shorts – New Look
    Shoes – FaToo
    Flower Crown – The Glitter Thread Designs
    Ring – Ebay
    August 23, 2012

    Thigh Society Review

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    The summer consists of days spent at the beach, lunches on patios and popsicles under the sun with friends. Unfortunately it also consists of thigh chaffing and the thought alone is enough to send shivers down my spine. However, my love for minis and short shorts is infinite so I have a tendency to just grin and bear it. I’ve used gels, creams, deodorant and although they do work its so temporary that its almost pointless to even apply. Whats a fat girl with a dream of exposed legs and chub rub free summer meant to do? That’s where Thigh Society comes in. 

    Thigh Society™ are chic, sleek, lightweight shorts to wear under your skirts, dresses and pants for all-day comfort.

     I’m really, really skeptical about anti-chaffing shorts. Lets just say I’ve had pretty bland experiences with the items I’ve tried. Finding something comfortable, that won’t ride down and that isn’t shapewear is a lot harder than it sounds. I’ll be the first to admit that I had very little faith that these shorts would please me but I couldn’t resist testing them out.

    Holy moly, am I ever impressed! Slipping these beauties on and testing them out for the first time was like an eye opener. They’re so comfy, so light weight and all around perfect for me. They’re short enough to remain hidden under my dresses and they don’t ride up! These shorts don’t skip a beat, even after playing around in my backyard in the heat. I have been converted and I have yet to leave the house without them.

    Sleek and Practical Design:

    • So super soft and light, you’ll forget you’re wearing them!

    • Plenty of fabric coverage to protect your delicate skin

    • No visible panty lines

    • Ultra comfortable thanks to chafe resistant flat seams

    • Sits below your skirt or pant waistline

    • Just enough stretch to hug your body for a fabulous fit

    • Fabric-covered waistband won’t pinch or roll down

    • Leg band moves with you, not up on you

    • Double lined gusset (crotch) of the same fabric is a built-in panty

    Soft and Breathable Fabric:

    • Black and white available in a fabric blend of 57% rayon from bamboo, 37% cotton and 6% spandex

    • Beige available in a 92% cotton, 8% spandex

    • Absorbs and evaporates moisture to keep you cool and dry

    • No embarrassing noise when you walk (like with pantyhose or nylon shapewear)

    • Pre-shrunk and machine washable

    If you’re in the market for shorts that will stand up against the toughest of days and will last for awhile, I really suggest checking out Thigh Society‘s anti-chaffing shorts. They’re so so worth it and I want a pair in every colour!
    August 6, 2012
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