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July 2012

    Dove’s “Women Who Should Be Famous” Event

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    I’m sure most of you have noticed that updates have been considerably less frequent lately. That has everything to do with the current events in my life. I’m moving out this September, enrolling in school and modelling full time so I’ve had a lot less time for this blog. Once things settle down posts should resume to normal. But I digress! 
    A few weeks ago I attended Dove’s “women who should be famous” event with my younger sister. We won entrance via Killer Kurve’s contest and I couldn’t wait to take my sis and show her off. She’s such a pretty little number but her personality is just as noticeable. I knew she’d enjoy the environment as well as getting to see Mandy Moore (one of her idols). 
    my sister Jane posing in front of my Vovo’s (grandmother) house
    We met up with Courtney from The Glitter Thread and Karyn of Killer Kurves and even ran into Karen’s (of Curvy Canadian) boyfriend. The night was spectacular; full of great food, lovely decor and lots of inspirational moments. Personally one of my favourite moments was seeing the young kids ask the featured women some very heartwarming questions. The moment that stuck out most was seeing my baby sis on stage for an impromptu rap session. I felt all proud and nervous for her!
    And of course, I must mention my outfit! I love peplum everything right now and this dress (yes, its a dress!) was just one of those things I needed to own. I kept getting compliments and it felt great to be dressed up and out again. Anyhow, enjoy the rest of the photos from the event!
    Dress – Forever21
    Shoes – Thrifted
    Bracelet – Unknown
    July 23, 2012
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