Summer Goth

I try very, very hard not to impulse shop and every now and then that really pays off. After waiting for what seemed like an entirety this gorgeous maxi lace collar dress finally went on sale. I nabbed it right away so I could live out my summer goth fantasies once and for all!!

don’t mind the weird strap exposed. I had a little dress malfunction!
I’m going to have an awful lot of fun with this dress, I can just feel it. Walking down the street and feeling my skirt blowing around my ankles while still knowing I’m showing just the right amount of legs makes me so happy. I feel like a dang queen in this ensemble and I look it too!! 
Dress – Forever 21+
Pin – Pork
Hat – Joe Fresh
Shoes – FatToo


  1. ~*amber*~ says:

    I think I need to get this dress…everyone I've seen in it (bloggers, mostly), no matter their size or shape seem to look great in this dress! Our "IT" dress, perhaps?

    You look gorgeous! ^_^

  2. sakittys says:

    Love that dress! You look gorgeous in it! And the last picture – the lipstick, you are just looking so great!
    Also like the match with shoes to the dress!

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