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June 2012

    Summer Goth

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    I try very, very hard not to impulse shop and every now and then that really pays off. After waiting for what seemed like an entirety this gorgeous maxi lace collar dress finally went on sale. I nabbed it right away so I could live out my summer goth fantasies once and for all!!

    don’t mind the weird strap exposed. I had a little dress malfunction!
    I’m going to have an awful lot of fun with this dress, I can just feel it. Walking down the street and feeling my skirt blowing around my ankles while still knowing I’m showing just the right amount of legs makes me so happy. I feel like a dang queen in this ensemble and I look it too!! 
    Dress – Forever 21+
    Pin – Pork
    Hat – Joe Fresh
    Shoes – FatToo
    June 25, 2012

    2nd Annual Clothing Swap

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    I’ve been blogging for nearly two years and during that time my style has gone through many changes. When I first began I was inspired and drawn to a more modern, polished look which included blazers and pants. As time progressed so did my interests and clothing choices. I realized that my dream wardrobe existed in my size and made the conscious effort to obtain my dream pieces. During that time I’ve found some of my favourite items ever but recently I came across the dress. The dress that I thought I’d never own but constantly oggled at when it’d pop up on my dashboard. The dress that I thought I’d only dream about and never really own but its mine now and I can hardly believe it. As I’m sure you’ve guessed, its the one I’m wearing in the photos above.
    I really, really wanted to save the first official wear for a special occasion. Naturally I picked the 2nd annual Toronto clothing swap to make its premiere. Maxey and I felt pretty stressed about doing a big event this year for personal reasons so we decided to keep it small, inviting a few fashion bloggers and friends that lived locally. It was kind of sad not to have such a big event again but getting to talk intimately with the ladies (+ Max!) felt really nice and relaxing. It was a lot easier to exchange and see what was up for grabs too and all of the ladies were very respectful of the nabbing process. I walked away with a lot of really lovely pieces that I simply cannot wait to wear out! 
    from left to right: Jen aka oldfamilarway / Maxey Day / Michelle aka too-dolly / Sadia aka rawrmanifesto / Maria aka mariabbw / Raegan aka sodapopsweetheart
    Dress – Queen of Holloway
    Shoes – Spring
    Hair Flower – Ardenes

    June 20, 2012

    Thrift Queen

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    I make a lot of promises to myself but sometimes they get jumbled or lost as time goes on. One of the promises I made to myself recently was that I’d spend more time thrifting. I have always been really envious of people who can walk into any thrift store and come out with tons of goodies. Its a gift, I swear! Needless to say I don’t have the talent for thrifting but I decided to teach myself.

    These past few weeks have been spent sweeping isles and filling buggies full of clothing, shoes and accessories. I’m teaching myself the ins and outs of successful thrifting and what it takes to walk away with the good stuff. So far I’ve learned that putting anything that catches your eye into your cart is super important, skimming through every isle and size is a must if you really want to find hidden treasures and getting down on your hands and knees is sometimes mandatory. Oddly enough this entire process can be pretty therapeutic and relaxing.
    One of my main goals out of thrifting is to expand my accessories collection. I lack those extra bits that make an outfit stand out and pull you in. After thrifting for hours with Stina and watching her at work I picked up a lot of really neat stuff. It didn’t take me long to find a way to use my two favourite purchases in an outfit either!!
    Top – Old Navy
    Skirt – c/o Penningtons
    Head Scarf – Thrifted (Talize)
    Earrings – Thrifted (Talize)
    Shoes – Dots
    June 8, 2012
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