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May 2012

    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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    Let me give you a little insight into how my brain works when putting together an outfit. First and foremost, I cannot look directly at my clothing to come up with my ensemble. I’m usually laying in bed or showering or looking at the computer screen when I’ve picked out what I’m finally going to wear. I like to start with one item that I’m hellbent on wearing. I work from there and usually go through numerous colour combinations and ideas before I have that “bam” moment. I’m a bit ashamed to say that this process has literally kept me up at night but hey, it gets the job done. 
    After making plans with my favourite lady Stina, I just had to come up with something I felt not only content with but entirely certain I’d look bangin’ in. We did have a long day of being grade A hotties  planned after all. Being under pressure apparently works for me because I came up with one of my favourite outfits to date (at least thats how I personally feel). I’m really digging yellow these days and apparently it really works for me too. This summer I want to experience with light colours as much as I can!
    Smoothies, countless McDonalds trips, being stalked while stuffing our face and thrifting until our chubby little legs couldn’t take it anymore. Thats the the kinda stuff Stina and I get up to when we’re together. Soon enough we’ll be basking our bodies in the sun while munching on all the goodies we can get out hands on. I just adore this girl so much but I’m sure you’re all so sick of hearing that by now. Enjoy the rest of the photos!
    Cardigan – Thrifted
    Jacket – Walmart
    Shirt – H&M
    Skirt – Forever21
    Socks – Sock Dreams
    Hair Bow – Good Stuff Only
    Shoes – Forever21
    May 23, 2012

    Play Time

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    I’m a super nostalgic person. A lot of my thoughts are about how much I’d love to relive a lot of my childhood activities. I want to play pogs, eat mac and cheese with ketchup and watch Sailor Moon and Hey Arnold after school again. I’ve accepted the fact that I will never have my childhood back but for someone with Peter Pan syndrome like me I’m constantly doing things that remind me of how fun it was to be a kid. Since both of my sisters have been home this past week we spent a lot of time discussing the good ole days and acting like kids again. We went to the park, screamed over how gross and yucky worms are and played (or rather failed miserably at) Skip It. 
    To me nothing feels more amazing then a sunny, warm day. I’m most productive, happy and at peace when the sun is beating down on my skin. It brings back memories of the beach, sunbathing, bikinis, high waisted shorts and just general good thoughts. Everything about the colours and weather has left me so inspired and happy. Thank goodness my sister was up for playing on the swings, attempting the monkey bars and struggling down the slide with me.

    Top – Thrifted
    Shorts – New Look
    Hair Flower – Ardenes
    Ring – Chubby Cartwheels
    Earrings – Girl Props
    Knee Highs – Sock Dreams
    Shoes – Walmart
    May 14, 2012

    Jackets by JD Williams

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    It feels a little weird to be talking about jackets with the arrival of summer but I’m still in coat mode and thanks to JD Williams’ selection of cutesy, vintage inspired jackets its even harder to let go of layer weather. Even though a jacket is the last thing I’m likely to go for on a hot, humid day I’m reminded of summer when I see the jackets on JD Williams.  Soft, sweet, candy like colour that almost looks edible and I’m all about pastels, blues and nautical inspired prints right now. You can probably imagine my absolute delight in finding these coats even if I might have to keep them on the hanger until things cool down again.
    A good jacket can go a long way and even add that extra something something to an otherwise boring or lacking outfit. Jackets, blazers, bombers, trenches, its all there. Everything you’ll need to keep your body warm on nippy nights. I’m incredibly inspired by what I see and as a fashion addict that is the most effective thing an article of clothing can do to me. Affordable, stylish and on trend! What more could a girl ask for?
    May 9, 2012
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