Bathing Suits by Marisota

I usually spend my weekend sweeping websites and this weekend I spent my time browsing Marisota (again). I’ve been itching to find another bathing suit since the weather started getting warmer and I couldn’t be happier when I started browsing Marisota’s bathing suit line. Do not let the thin models fool you, these are for us! Our curvy, beautiful, big bodies! They’re all for us at an extremely reasonable price.

Another neat feature I noticed about Marisota is the option to pick different lengths on selection items. This isn’t something I’ve come across in many other places and even when I have you’re looking at least another $15 tagged onto the original price. That instantly turns me off. I like to be as wise as I can with my money when it comes to frivolously shopping.

Now, I know not everyone is as risque as me when it comes to clothing choices but with the incredible selection on Marisota its hard not to find something you don’t want. Conservative and cute or plunging and sexy, its all there! Everything a girl like me could ever ask for and I’m sure everything you could ask for too!


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