Fire is Catching

The weather has been so temperamental which has resulted in some freaky deaky summer weather in mid March. As weirded out as I am about all of the strange changes, I’m kind of excited to have a chance to wear summer(ish) clothing. This may not be the most summery thing I’ve worn but it was what I wore the very first day we had this strange, warm weather. 
My dear friend Luna and I spent the night before these photos were taken bleaching our hair and putting turquoise dye in. Its the first time I’ve ever had any funky colours in my hair and I really like the result. Unfortunately it only lasted a few days and I needed to dye over it for personal reasons. I’ll always look at these photos as remember how once upon a time my hair looked perfect!
Cardigan – Winners
Skirt – Forever21
Socks – Sock Dreams
Necklace- Aldo
Rings – Ebay/Pretty Snake
Bra – Lane Bryant


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