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March 2012

    Not In Love

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    My oh my, what a long time its been since I’ve updated this blog! I don’t want anyone to feel like I’m forgetting it because, well, I never really could. I’ve just been busy with a lot of personal stuff (aka trying to find a proper job) and I wanted to make sure that was getting as much attention as possible. I’m sure you won’t hold it against me, though! 
    With all that being said, I went thrifting last month for Value Village’s 50% off sale and found some pretty nifty stuff. Amongst the pile of things I brought home was this basic black dress (originally from The Gap) which cost me $1.50! Can you believe that? Dedicating a few hours to really sweeping every isle pays off. I have officially caught the thrifting bug!
    My outfits have been a bit dark and moody lately which probably has a lot to do with my constantly bouncing demeanour. I’m doing my best to explore all sides of who I am and sometimes that means getting to know your dark side too. For me that means lots of black with an undertone of witchiness that you cannot ignore. Heck, I’ve even picked up some runes stones and started reading up one wicca. I’m really enjoying playing into my childhood fantasies of being an unstoppable do gooder who just happens to have the power to manipulate time and move things with her mind.  
    Dress – Thrifted
    Belt – c/o Plussy 
    Necklace – RecycledRockstah
    Shoes – Dots

    March 26, 2012

    Intimates with Addition Elle

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    I just adore lingerie, thats no secret. So when Addition Elle invited some of the plus size bloggers of Toronto to get a sneak peak at their brand new collection I couldn’t contain my excitement. Any chance for me to sit down and discuss lingerie is an chance I’ll jump at.
    the ladies + delicious treats!
    I had been dying to wear my sailor inspired pin-up dress for ages and somehow this event screamed for me to finally put it on. Of all the things I own, I think I’m most excited about wearing this dress as much as humanly possible. Not much else feels better than looking at lingerie while wearing tons of lipstick and my best pin up dress! 
    bras and panties, oh my!
    The ladies and I sat down for an intimate viewing and discussion about lingerie. I couldn’t stop talking about what I hoped to see make an appearance at Addition Elle in the future. To my delight, our ideas were embraced and I actually felt listened to. It was great to have a chance to sit down with my fellow Toronto bloggers again while feasting our eyes on goodies.
    Cardigan – Thrifted
    Dress – Chicstar
    Belt – Target
    Ring – Pretty Snake via Etsy
    Credit to Flaws of Couture and The Glitter Thread for the photos!
    March 12, 2012
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