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February 2012

    Fookin’ Ridiculous

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     Like many others I’m obsessed with anything velvet right now. The look, the feel, just everything about it gets my juices following (figuratively, of course). When one of my dearest friends opened up shop and featured a selection of velvet skirts I nearly wet myself.
    Chubby Cartwheels is an independent online clothing store owned by Shawma Farmer. Shawna is a totally fierce and unstoppable fatty with a talent for stitching together some pretty freakin’ amazing pieces. I can personally vouch for how perfect and amazing her creations are. Shawna is such a creative genius, coming up with some of the most unique (have you seen her selection of rings???) and neat pieces you will ever see! She literally carries some of the coolest stuff in her shop so I highly suggest you go check it out now. Like right this minute. Go! 
    I feel particularly good about this outfit mainly because the winter blues have forced me indoors for the past week or so. More importantly, I’ve finally found an excuse to wear my ridiculous oversized spike hoop earrings without feeing like its overkill. I guess having patience does pay off from time to time!
    Top – Old Navy
    Jacket – Walmart
    Belt – ASOS
    Earrings – Voluptuous
    Shoes – Walmart 
    Ring – Ebay
    Buttons – Various places
    Panty hose – Can’t remember
    February 23, 2012

    Luna’s Erotic Birthday Weekend

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    First and foremost, I hope everyone experienced tons of self love this Valentine’s day. I spend the day cuddling with my cat, putting off cleaning, napping and daydreaming of a boy I’m swooning over.  There should never be any limit to the love and care you give to yourself. Remember that every day of the year is a possibility to give yourself love and pleasure.

    The Toronto Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair is a one-of-a-kind sexy fair that brings together artists and crafters just in time for Valentine’s Day. Knitters, crafters, zinesters, card makers, and artists of all types will be creating erotic objects for this one day celebration of DIY sex and romantic culture.”
    The 6th Annual Erotic Arts & Crafts festival took place this weekend + my dear friend Luna’s 25th birthday. As per usual, we took the opportunity to dress up and enjoy another amazing weekend in Toronto. Every single booth at the exhibit was amazing and every crafter I met was so so sweet! I picked up a few pins (predictable, right?) and two drawings. We later headed to Disgraceland to eat and play 90s board games. I cannot even express how much fun I had and the amount of love I experienced over the weekend. 
    erotic treats!
    Saucy Nudles drawings by the lovely Sam
    dinner and surgery and Disgraceland!
    I came decked out in heart stickers and dressed up in my tightest red dress. I felt like a red hot walking valentine. Courtney and Luna wore their handmade Lana Del Rey inspired flower head bands. We really were sugar, spice and everything nice!

    Cardigan – Thrifted
    Dress – Evans
    Belt – ASOS
    Fishnets – Ebay
    Socks – Sockdreams
    Boots – Lane Bryant
    Pins – Erotic Arts & Crafts Show
    Heart Stickers – Dollarama
    Fingerless Gloves – Aldo
    February 16, 2012

    Big, Fat Spa Day

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    This past Sunday my fellow fashion bloggers (Courtney and Luna) and I were treated to a day full of pampering, delicious food and amazing company at The Manor Hair Lounge in Toronto. I’m usually pretty anxious about trying out new stylists but I could not be more happy with not only my brand new cut but the service and staff!

    Before shots of the ladies (minus Courtney) and the lovely staff from the salon!
    I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my hair lately and so many doubts about fining a new stylist. Finding someone who appreciates my emotional relationship with my hair is nearly impossible but after visiting the Manor Hair Lounge I do not need to look any further. They were so courteous, the salon itself was so classy and elegant and I am so incredibly pleased with my cut. I really love to feel at ease when I’m getting anything done to my hair and I was certainly relaxed enough to enjoy the process. 
    chopping it all off and bracing myself for an anxiety attack!

    getting pampered!
    and after!
    Ok, so maybe I didn’t have an anxiety attack but I have been known to squeeze out a few tears after going for such a drastic change. My family members were really shocked to hear me speak nothing but praise and positive words about my cut. It was even approved by my date later on that night!
    Luna, Courtney, Myself and my brand new stylist Vanessa!
    If you’re local to Toronto I really suggest checking out The Manor Hair Lounge. I promise that you will not be disappointed and you can personally hold me to that! Make sure to like them on facebook or follow them on twitter
    February 8, 2012
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