Hi, How Are You?

I had the loveliest dinner with my very good friend Sadia on Saturday. She had been itching to try my mother’s cooking and my mother has been dying to cook for her! It was really nice to have her over, introduce her to new Portuguese food and relax while watching Never Say Never together. 
I’ll stop boring everyone with my dinner stories and get on to my outfit. I’m actually super duper excited to make this post! My Daniel Johnston shirt and cheetah print loafers are probably two of my favourite things in my wardrobe right now. You would think I’d wear them more but I’m trying to be fair to the rest of my clothing. I just feel really proud and happy to be wearing my appreciation for Daniel Johnston so openly. 
Daniel Johnston’s music isn’t for everyone but I find his words and melodies to be really haunting and interesting. A lot of my fascination comes from his life and how sad and tragic it is. Its nearly impossible not to feel the eeriness in his voice while still resonating with his lyrics at the same time. I constantly have his songs stuck in my head and if I could suggest anything to start with it would be this song.

Anywho, I was decked out in a lot of my fangrrrl interests so I’ll refrain from making this post solely about my obsessions outside of fashion. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Jacket – Walmart 
Shirt – Ebay
Pins – Etsy + Pork Magazine
Skirt – c/o Penningtons
Tights – We Love Colours
Shoes – Forever 21

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