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January 2012

    Dreamy Valentines

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    I’m not big on Valentines but I can’t help but feel a bit inspired by all the pretty shades of red everywhere. Even though I don’t have a sweetheart to share my special day with I am certainly going to dream of owning just about all the Valentines goodies out there! I spent all of the last night (and the last few days) browsing the interweb and drooling over all the pretty options out there. Lingerie, loads of red dresses, red lipstick and of course chocolate covered strawberries are all this girl needs for V-Day!
    January 31, 2012

    Queen For a Day

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    Gosh, it feels like just about forever since the last time I made an update. I just haven’t had the time nor the motivation to take outfit pictures even though I’ve been killing it lately! I wasn’t actually going to post this outfit because I was a bit unsure if I really liked it but I couldn’t dream of leaving this blog update-less for another week! 
    I’m sure many of you have been taking advantage of the amazing 70% off sale that ASOS is having. I was so pleased to see that a few of my most desired items made it up and I couldn’t help but take advantage. I nabbed this incredible dogtooth pencil skirt (which is actually a proper pencil skirt!) after having such lust for it for months. I also purchase my official winter coat in this luxurious and attention grabbing blue! I couldn’t be happier with these pieces and I’ve had no shortage of compliments while wearing them (especially on my coat!).
    I always feel inspired to dress my very best when I see my favourite lady Courtney of The Glitter Thread (if you haven’t followed her yet, go now!!). It had been so long since we last saw each other so I was quite excited to enjoy a meal and spend the afternoon (mostly window) shopping. I had some luck at a local thrift store called Black Market and managed to pick up a very adorable cardigan (pictured below) and a few pins! We were even treated to the most relaxing and much needed hand massages at Lush! What a treat, right?
    Coat – ASOS
    Top – City Chic
    Skirt – ASOS
    Tights – We Love Colours
    Necklace –  Etsy
    Ring – Etsy (ravenevejewelry)

    January 24, 2012

    Walk On the Wild Side

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    Playing dress up is my favourite thing in the world and thats exactly what I needed to do after I received this skirt from City Chic. I purchased it during the crazy cheap 60% off sale + a 30% off code. For $15 it really was one of the best deals I’ve come across in a very long time. I was a bit concerned that the black wouldn’t be dark enough but it looks that much better in person! I have so many different ways I want to wear this skirt now!
    Top – City Chic
    Skirt – City Chic
    Tights – Addition Elle
    Earrings – Forever21
    Shoes – Payless Shoe Store

    January 17, 2012

    Hi, How Are You?

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    I had the loveliest dinner with my very good friend Sadia on Saturday. She had been itching to try my mother’s cooking and my mother has been dying to cook for her! It was really nice to have her over, introduce her to new Portuguese food and relax while watching Never Say Never together. 
    I’ll stop boring everyone with my dinner stories and get on to my outfit. I’m actually super duper excited to make this post! My Daniel Johnston shirt and cheetah print loafers are probably two of my favourite things in my wardrobe right now. You would think I’d wear them more but I’m trying to be fair to the rest of my clothing. I just feel really proud and happy to be wearing my appreciation for Daniel Johnston so openly. 
    Daniel Johnston’s music isn’t for everyone but I find his words and melodies to be really haunting and interesting. A lot of my fascination comes from his life and how sad and tragic it is. Its nearly impossible not to feel the eeriness in his voice while still resonating with his lyrics at the same time. I constantly have his songs stuck in my head and if I could suggest anything to start with it would be this song.

    Anywho, I was decked out in a lot of my fangrrrl interests so I’ll refrain from making this post solely about my obsessions outside of fashion. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

    Jacket – Walmart 
    Shirt – Ebay
    Pins – Etsy + Pork Magazine
    Skirt – c/o Penningtons
    Tights – We Love Colours
    Shoes – Forever 21

    January 10, 2012

    Dear Old Friend

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    I like to plan my outfits mentally before I go out to save my room from the disaster that comes from rummaging and throwing around all of my clothing. However, when I received a huge package from my dear friend Kyla I couldn’t resist wearing one of the pieces she sent me! It didn’t take me long to narrow down my options to this pussybow dress from ASOS. I knew it was going to be the perfect sweetheart approach I wanted to visit a friend/crush of mine.
    I was a bit strapped for time and I don’t have that many shots of the outfit so these webcam shots will have to do.
    Mixing purple and mustard is my absolute favourite colour combination (yes, more than red and blue!) these days. I just love the way the colours look against each other. I’m surprised I didn’t find some way to add a hint of cheetah print to this outfit but adding my adorable Animal pin really helped tie it all together for me. At least I know my outfit served its purpose of being too cute to boot!
    Cardigan – Gift (via Winners)
    Dress – Gift (via ASOS)
    Tights – We Love Colours
    Pin – Pork Magazine
    Ring – Gift from Kyla
    Boots – Lane Bryant

    January 5, 2012

    The Nutcracker Ballet

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    On December 28th I lived out my dream of seeing The Nutcracker ballet on stage. Getting the opportunity to finally be in a theatre with the ballet being performed only a few feet before me was surreal. As a young girl I fantasized constantly about being Clara, meeting the Nutcracker and getting to dance with him while the Pas de Deux played so effortlessly in the background.  It has taken me twenty four very long years to finally have the opportunity to see my dreams come true. I was and still am absolutely over the moon, to say the very least. 
    My outfit was so important to me that night. I wanted to feel as beautiful as the Nutcracker had made me feel so many times before. I know that might come off as incredibly cheesy but my love for The Nutcracker runs very deep. My eyes instantly lit up when I saw this gorgeous peplum dress (originally from Torrid) being sold on the fatsxchange livejournal community. Fortunately it showed up in record breaking speed, in absolutely perfect condition! I’m actually a bit shocked that the seller didn’t want it anymore. This dress is so perfect, the colour is just astounding, and it fits me like a glove. Without a doubt, it has become my favourite dress in my closet. I’m trying very hard to find excuses to wear it again and again! I put on my loveliest pair of flower tights and my go-to pair of heels to pull the entire thing together. It was far too icey to risk wearing any other shoes and knowing how much of a clutz I am, I decided not to risk it. 
    Seeing the Nutcracker was such a perfect way to wrap up 2011 and I truly do hope it becomes a tradition in my life. 
    Dress – Torrid (via fatxchange)
    Pantyhose – Addition Elle
    Heels – Payless Shoe Store
    Earrings – Aldo
    Ring – H&M

    January 3, 2012
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