Lane Bryant Field Trip

Its hard to collect my thoughts for this post because there is just so much to say but I’ll stick to the basics + photos. Karen of Curvy Canadian collaborated with Lane Bryant for a Buffalo blogger trip. It feels like it took place a million moons ago but its been a mere two weeks but I miss it so much already.
We shopped til we just about dropped and dined at Olive Garden. It was my very first time there and I have to say, I want to go back for the breadsticks alone! The staff at Lane Bryant were so accommodating, kind and I really appreciated just sitting and talking to them for a few hours. It felt like home, even though I was sitting inside of a store in another country. I nabbed the cheetah print longline bra and a pair of comfy combat boots that I’m now planning most of my outfits around! I also checked out Rainbow, Dots, Torrid (my very first time purchasing from them!), Target and so much more!
With all that being said one of my very favourite things about the trip was getting to know each blogger a bit more. We all really clicked and I felt really comfortable with every single girl there. Not to mention we probably annoyed the crap out of everyone by constantly belting out commercial tunes everywhere we went! 
bestie4lyfe – Sadia and me posing in between shopping!

Me and the Kare(y)ns in front of Lane Bryant
So much shopping! Remind me next time to pack proper shoes. 
Waiting to go home

Not So Starving
‘Round Raglan Road
Rawr Manifesto
Curvy Canadian
Killer Kurves

I almost feel compelled to just sit here and talk about every amazing detail and post every single photo but that’s a bit redundant. Instead I’ve linked to all the bloggers who attended the trip with me so you can follow + read their experience! Also if you don’t already know Lane Bryant is having a killer black friday sale of 50% off their entire store. Don’t miss out cause now they ship to Canada too!


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