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November 2011

    Gussied up for Gussied Up!

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    This past Tuesday Gussied Up held a meet and greet with America’s Next Top Model winner Whitney Thompson. I was kind of indifferent about meeting her but I knew I wanted to take the opportunity to mingle and check out Gussied Up for the first time. It was so dark, gloomy and a incredibly chaotic downtown but it was well worth the trek.
    The lovely and incredibly sweet Mélanie Dubuc sent me this houndsooth skirt (2x) after I pretty much drooled over myself when I first laid eyes upon it. It’s so comfortable and just about the perfect length for me. Its stretchy but somehow form fitting as well. Gosh, I’m over the moon about this skirt! I can see myself wearing this skirt once a week, pairing it with different colours and seeing just how many different outfits I can come up with. I’ve already worn this outfit twice!
    Mélanie Dubuc has an online shop with a lot of great, affordable pieces. This skirt does run a bit big so I’d suggest ordering a size down if you like your skirts to fit a bit snug. However, if you happen to live in Quebec she has two different store locations!
    With Courtney and Whitney / Posing with lovely Karen, Karyn and Courtney
    My dear friend Courtney ( and I enjoyed some delicious sushi before heading over to Gussied Up. We were treated to delicious sweets, great conversation and an intimate viewing of the clothing. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to walk away with anything because everything was well over my budget. Meeting Whitney was such a lovely experience and I must say she is even prettier in person! The evening felt like a dream come true and even though I spent a good hour soaking wet, in the freezing cold, waiting for a bus to get me home it was all worth it. I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.. with a warmer coat of course. 
    Thanks to Courtney and Karyn for the photos!
    Top – Rainbow
    Skirt – c/o Melanie Dubuc
    Jacket/Shoes – Walmart
    Snood – Etsy
    Knee High Socks – Sock Dreams
    Pins – Various Etsy shops

    November 28, 2011

    Lane Bryant Field Trip

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    Its hard to collect my thoughts for this post because there is just so much to say but I’ll stick to the basics + photos. Karen of Curvy Canadian collaborated with Lane Bryant for a Buffalo blogger trip. It feels like it took place a million moons ago but its been a mere two weeks but I miss it so much already.
    We shopped til we just about dropped and dined at Olive Garden. It was my very first time there and I have to say, I want to go back for the breadsticks alone! The staff at Lane Bryant were so accommodating, kind and I really appreciated just sitting and talking to them for a few hours. It felt like home, even though I was sitting inside of a store in another country. I nabbed the cheetah print longline bra and a pair of comfy combat boots that I’m now planning most of my outfits around! I also checked out Rainbow, Dots, Torrid (my very first time purchasing from them!), Target and so much more!
    With all that being said one of my very favourite things about the trip was getting to know each blogger a bit more. We all really clicked and I felt really comfortable with every single girl there. Not to mention we probably annoyed the crap out of everyone by constantly belting out commercial tunes everywhere we went! 
    bestie4lyfe – Sadia and me posing in between shopping!

    Me and the Kare(y)ns in front of Lane Bryant
    So much shopping! Remind me next time to pack proper shoes. 
    Waiting to go home

    Not So Starving
    ‘Round Raglan Road
    Rawr Manifesto
    Curvy Canadian
    Killer Kurves

    I almost feel compelled to just sit here and talk about every amazing detail and post every single photo but that’s a bit redundant. Instead I’ve linked to all the bloggers who attended the trip with me so you can follow + read their experience! Also if you don’t already know Lane Bryant is having a killer black friday sale of 50% off their entire store. Don’t miss out cause now they ship to Canada too!
    November 25, 2011

    Hips & Curves Review

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    About a month or so ago I received a package courtesy of Hips & Curves to review. I’ve had the chance to wear a few of the pieces multiple times so I could properly give my opinion on each item. I received the lace longline bra, 5 way convertible bra, purple lace boyshorts, shaper skirt with garters, and garter chemise with powernet sides. I’ll start by saying that I was really, really pleased when I received the package. As expected, everything looked better in person. Unfortunately a lot of their products do run small and I had to exchange the longline bra and 5 way convertible bra in larger sizes.

    I’m one of the many who are currently obsessed with longline bras. They make the perfect risqué top and with so many options popping up everywhere its easy to continue the trend. I was really happy to see Hips & Curves offer their own version of the long line bra and as expected, it delivered. The lace longline bra is so classic with the slightest hint of skin and such an overwhelming feel of vintage. I knew instantly that I needed it to be mine. As I’ve never had experience with longline bras before I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of sizing so I went one size up. It fit but far too snug for me to be comfortable in it for a full day. If you’re going to buy this bra, I really suggest going two sizes up from your original size or really observing your chest to see where you are the widest. I have loads of back fat so I needed more room this time around. The thing I really love about this bra is how elegant it looks. I mean, its a bra and technically wearing your bra as a shirt isn’t really considered “elegant” but this bra just is. This bra does not offer any lift whatsoever but that is to be expected with a full coverage cup and no underwear. It is, however, quite comfortable and ideal for a long night. I really have no complaints when it comes to this bra and I’d suggest purchasing it if you’re looking for the perfect, versatile longline bra.
    Ok, I’ll admit that I haven’t actually worn this bra in 5 different ways and I’m not even sure what else to do with it aside from take the straps off. What I do know is that this bra is fantastic. Usually I don’t expect much from convertible bras but I was incredibly pleased with the support, lift and comfort I got while wearing it. I did have to go a size up because there is very little stretch in the band so be aware of that if you do intend to buy it. I’m actually wearing the bra in the picture above and as you can tell it does give me a fair amount of lift. So, in short I really love this bra. If you’re looking for a convertible bra I really suggest trying out Hips and Curves version.

    I’d first like to mention that I wasn’t drawn to this skirt for its smoothing or shaping purposes. A lot of people already know where I stand on garments designed to “minimize” or “hide” specific areas of the body but I won’t get into that here. I fell in love with this garter for the lace trim and length. I’ve only ever had one garter before (also from Hips and Curves) and it really inspired me to try out others. I haven’t actually had the chance to wear this out for a full night but I did notice its a small fit but it does have a fair amount of stretch to it.  I wouldn’t suggest this garter for anyone larger than a 24 on the bottom. With that being said I still really do love this garter belt. Its made really well and looks even better in person. I can’t wait to wear it for a full night but I haven’t found the perfect occasion yet. Check out this garter belt because it’s definitely worth your time!
    I had every intention of actually taking photos of me in this but I never got around to it. Unfortunately its a bit too tight so I can’t actually put it on by myself (sob) but that won’t stop me from putting it on for a special occasion. What’s not to love about this chemise? Its so sexy, kind of vampy and encompasses everything I’ve ever dreamed of being. This also comes in a full black version but my obsession with everything red sold me on this version. I can’t say much about how it actually looks on the body as I haven’t had much experience with that yet but its incredibly sturdy and well made. Like I mentioned above its a bit tight on me and I received the largest size available. I wouldn’t suggest this for someone above a size 22. With that being said I’m still really fond of this piece. 
    First and foremost, I have a confession to make. I am a panties junkie. I can never help myself when it comes to buying underwear and full lace underwear is my kryptonite. I think I have lace panties in just about every colour but that wasn’t going to stop me from adding one more pair. I knew instantly that I needed this pair so I was beyond ecstatic when Hips and Curves included their royal purple pair in my package. Since I have so many pairs of undies laying around I haven’t actually worn these out yet but I couldn’t wait to try them on. Not only did they fit perfectly (3x) but they are so comfortable and well, my butt looks pretty dang cute in these. In fact, I’m pretty sure every butt would look good in these. They are just so cute and sexy and I need them in very berry to complete my collection. Even if you don’t have an incredibly addictive, potentially toxic obsession with panties you need these in your home! Just go to the website now and pick up a pair because they’re only $6, super stretchy and perfect!
    In conclusion, I’m just really pleased with everything I was sent. I really want to thank Hips and Curves for not only sending me this package to review but for also offering an amazing selection of plus size lingerie. I’m certain I’ll be going back soon for more!
    November 22, 2011


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    Sadia and I recently traded a ton of clothes and I grabbed her “rust” tights from We Love Colours. I was itching to work them into an outfit but its not a colour I’ve had much experience with. I played it a bit safe in terms of colour experimenting but I’m glad I did. 
    If you’re in the market for rust coloured tights I do not suggest getting the pair that We Love Colours sells. Even though I’ve photoshopped the colours a bit in these photos they are still more orange than rust. When I think of rust its a brownish red with a hint of orange. Off the body the colour looks decent enough but once they’re on the body its such a bright, odd shade of orange. I probably won’t be wearing these tights again anytime soon unless I can find the perfect outfit for it. They worked out well with my all black + pop of colour thing I was going for but I think I’ll pack these away for a bit.  At least I accomplished the look I was going for!
    Longline Bra – Hips & Curves
    Skirt – H&M
    Jacket/Shoes – Walmart
    Scarf – Penningtons
    Tights – We Love Colours
    Pee Wee Pins – Etsy
    Pocahontas Pin – Unknown
    November 16, 2011

    Dig it, babe.

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    I took advantage of the warmer weather we’ve been having these past few days for my lunch date with Sadia (of rawrmanifesto). Toronto weather has been so perfect this past week and nothing puts me in a better mood than sunny skies and chilly weather. 
    If you follow my tumblr you’ll remember me gushing over this dress from and thankfully I managed to grab the last one in stock. Its a bit snug but I was determined to make it work. I think squeezing yourself into your dream dress falls under the category of fat girl swag, right? Right?

    Jacket/Shoes – Walmart
    Dress – Angry, young and poor
    Tights – We Love Colours
    Pins – Etsy
    Ring – Aldo
    Earrings – Unknown
    November 9, 2011

    Candles, Chocolate and Doctor Who

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    I’ve been feeling incredibly inspired with the change of seasons. I tend to think more about how uncomfortable and hot I am in the summer so thinking about how to creatively put together an outfit is nearly impossible. Layers are so fun to work with and I’m enjoying all of the fall/winter trends I keep running into.

    This isn’t a dress I’d normally wear but after receiving it as a gift I felt even more inclined to find another use for it. Without a doubt, red and blue together is one of my absolute favourite colour combinations.  After nabbing this $2 belt from Icing I knew what needed to be done. There is just something so alluring and perfect about blue and red together. Call me a groupie, call me over the top, call me whatever you will but I am just completely addicted to this colour combo!
    I tossed on my favourite knitted beret from Big It Up to complete the perfect cozy outfit to shop for candles, chocolate and to watch Doctor Who in. Also, if I haven’t said it before I’ll say it now. We Love Colours tights are just amazing and they had yet to rip on me. I’m going to make sure I stock up on just about every colour this winter!

    Dress – ASOS
    Belt – Icing by Claire’s
    Tights – We Love Colours
    Beret – Big It Up
    Shoes – Walmart
    November 2, 2011
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