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October 2011

    Blackest Black

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    I’ve been under the weather for the past week and I haven’t had the energy to really pull together any sort of outfit. I woke up on Thursday morning feeling a lot better than I had since last Wednesday and I immediately knew I needed to go outside. I’m not the type of person that likes staying home for too long so I needed to find any excuse to leave. Thankfully my friend asked me to go out with her and I grabbed at the chance. I’m still not feeling the greatest so I didn’t really bother to put as much effort into my outfit and I didn’t feel compelled to take as many outfit photos but these will do. I purchased some black lipstick this summer and I’ve been trying to find the perfect opportunity to wear it. I was completely unsure of how to wear it, in fact I think I still need to play around with makeup and technique. The lipstick doesn’t actually stick to my lips as well as other colours I’ve purchased. I’m going to continue to play around and figure out the perfect way to use this colour. I really did end up liking it on me and its such a dramatic look that I can’t playing it up. For anyone wondering this is Manic Panic’s black lipstick. I would suggest buying this as a way to get acquainted with the colour until you move up to a more expensive, better quality brand. It isn’t long lasting at all and it came off immediately after eating but it was really expensive ($8 on ebay) so I’m not complaining.

    In between coughing, sneezing and a swollen lip I’ve been over the moon about my brand new tattoo. Anyone who has ever discussed tattoos with me knows just how long I’ve wanted the Cowardly Lion tattooed on my wrist. He is described as a cowardly, scared creature who, in spite of all that, still performs courageous acts in the face of fear. He dream of having courage but failed to realize that he had it all along. When I look down at this tattoo I’m reminded of the small and not so small moments of fear I have overcome and that I still have the courage to get through.
    Shirt – Penningtons
    Skirt – H&M
    Bracelet/Earrings – Forever 21
    Tights – We Love Colours
    Shoes – Aldo
    October 14, 2011

    Shop til you drop

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    Why on earth did it take me so long to realize how amazing coloured panty hose are? I mean, really though? I used to swear up and down that I would never, ever wear them because I couldn’t possibly see they would look good on me but I admit that I’m wrong. Very, very wrong. This autumn I intend to stock up on every colour of the rainbow and wear each colour proudly. Coloured tights are such a great way of adding some spunk to your outfit while remaining cozy and warm. It looks like I have a new obsession but I am not fighting it.
    Sometime last week (remind me to start posting my outfit photos sooner, please!) I decided I was going to browse Addition Elle’s new Michel Studio line. I was taken by a few of their items and I couldn’t resist purchasing the leather panel skirt. Addition Elle was kind enough to hook me up with a gift card so I took advantage and nabbed two things I had been eying. Now, I know realistically I won’t be buying $80 skirts on the regular but sometimes you just have to have that specific piece in your wardrobe. I’m really, really impressed with how warm and cozy this skirt is. I’m also really impressed that Addition Elle seems to be including younger generation friendly attire in their selection of clothing. I remember the days where I’d walk into Addition Elle and I’d find stuff that I could see my grandmother wearing but it seems like they’re really dead set on including stuff us younger kids can appreciate too. I hit up a few other stores when I was there and ended up making a small haul video out of it. I’m still new to this vlogging thing but I really enjoy making and editing videos. I might try to make more videos in the coming months and definitely continue the haul/OoTD video trend.

    After making this video I did notice a rip in my leather panel skirt but I’ve been assured that I purchased a defected item. I will, at this point, believe that that’s the case but I’ll keep everyone updated on whether or not this happens again. I wouldn’t want to sit here and talk up an item that failed me for such an expensive price. Either way, I still think its a great piece and definitely something I never thought I’d see Addition Elle put out. I’m really excited to pull an outfit together with both of my Addition Elle pieces. 
    I’d also quickly like to express my love for my new earrings from The Clothing Show. I purchased those beautiful babies for a mere $5 but I seriously cannot remember the name of the booth I nabbed them from. I’m really upset about that too because I had a great time talking with the owners. Either way, they’re beautiful and I’m in love. 
    Shirt – Old Navy
    Skirt – Penningtons
    Tights – Addition Elle
    Shoes – Ebay
    Earrings – The Clothing Show

    October 6, 2011

    Garters and RawrManifesto

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    This is going to be another one of those photo filled posts. Sadia of Rawr Manifesto and I got together for a much needed meetup and seeing as she’s also a fashion blogger we left with tons of photos from our far too short date night. Being a fashion blogger definitely has its perks but there isn’t anything quite as rewarding as meeting fellow like-minded individuals who then become great friends. I’ve only known Sadia for a short while but we’ve been pretty good friends since our first encounter way back in June. 
    Do you ever dream up the perfect outfit and hope for the day you can successfully pull it together? I certainly have and thankfully I finally had all of the pieces to complete the ensemble. Thankfully I had the perfect occasion to wear it to and one of my favourite people to wear it for.  
    I posted awhile back that I had been eying a cheetah print pencil skirt from Domino Dollhouse. I was lucky enough to find it for a bit cheaper on Chic Star so I went with them. It felt like it took forever for it to finally get here but the day it arrived I felt like a kid on Christmas morning (or what I’d assume it feels like seeing as I don’t celebrate Christmas). The colours are a bit lighter than I had expected and the fabric isn’t what I had imagined at all. My only regret is not purchasing a size down because it is a bit too large for my liking. There isn’t any stretch to this skirt at all but its definitely cut just a bit big and well, I like my pencil skirts to fit snug. Last week I stumbled on this biker vest and I just knew I had to have it. How often do you come across such a well made and basically perfect item for $34.00? Throw those two pieces together and you have the start of something good.
    I dressed a bit too warm for the weather so I didn’t get to enjoy my vest for the full day but it was surprisingly comfortable and light weight. If you’re in the market for a vest similar to this one I suggest checking out Forever 21. 
    We spent the day shopping, eating, talking and just generally being hot fatties in one of the last hot days of the month. Sadia introduced me to Marble Slab Creamery and I introduced her to Toko restaurant.  It was hard to accept that our day was going to wrap up but I had a really good time just hanging out. It was the perfect way to put an end to September.
    Vest/Bracelets/Earrings- Forever 21
    Top – Jacob
    Skirt – Chic Star
    Tights – We Love Colours
    Shoes – Aldo
    October 1, 2011
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