Please Mr. Postman

The coughing and sniffling has returned but I wanted to share my outfit from last night. I waited days for a much anticipated package to arrive and it finally showed up yesterday — hence the blog post name. I nearly missed the dang thing while getting ready but thankfully I saw the truck before it left. Isn’t it weird that whenever you decide to walk away the exact thing you were waiting for shows up?

Its been so cold and rainy here so I’m not surprised that I feel sick all over again. However, I am enjoying layers, tights and heavy clothing. This outfit wasn’t really enough to keep me warm through the downpour of constant rain and chilly wind but I had been wanting to put this outfit together since I purchased each item. The yellow skirt is the exact same material, make and brand as my blue skirt but it fits so much smaller. I purchased this in a 3x but it fits almost exactly, if not tighter than my 1x from Forever21. I’m still really confused by this but its cute nonetheless. I couldn’t get a proper photo of my shoes either but they’re the cutest, cheapest and widest pair of oxfords I have ever come across. I found them at Walmart for $3! Can you believe that? They fit much better than any other oxfords I’ve ever owned! Digging through clearance is always worth it!

Cardigan – Winners
Shirt/Skirt – Forever21
Tights – We Love Colours
Shoes – Walmart
Earrings – Aldo


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