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October 2011

    Please Mr. Postman

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    The coughing and sniffling has returned but I wanted to share my outfit from last night. I waited days for a much anticipated package to arrive and it finally showed up yesterday — hence the blog post name. I nearly missed the dang thing while getting ready but thankfully I saw the truck before it left. Isn’t it weird that whenever you decide to walk away the exact thing you were waiting for shows up?

    Its been so cold and rainy here so I’m not surprised that I feel sick all over again. However, I am enjoying layers, tights and heavy clothing. This outfit wasn’t really enough to keep me warm through the downpour of constant rain and chilly wind but I had been wanting to put this outfit together since I purchased each item. The yellow skirt is the exact same material, make and brand as my blue skirt but it fits so much smaller. I purchased this in a 3x but it fits almost exactly, if not tighter than my 1x from Forever21. I’m still really confused by this but its cute nonetheless. I couldn’t get a proper photo of my shoes either but they’re the cutest, cheapest and widest pair of oxfords I have ever come across. I found them at Walmart for $3! Can you believe that? They fit much better than any other oxfords I’ve ever owned! Digging through clearance is always worth it!

    Cardigan – Winners
    Shirt/Skirt – Forever21
    Tights – We Love Colours
    Shoes – Walmart
    Earrings – Aldo

    October 26, 2011

    Can I keep you?

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    Its Sunday afternoon and instead of being at my cousin’s baby shower I’m sitting in my room watching Casper and blogging. I had a few last minute things to pick up for my Halloween costume and I’m so very excited to put it all together. I’m not looking to break the bank on an outfit I’m only going to wear one day of the year so I’m making something from pieces I already own. Its actually kind of fun to put it all together myself. 
    I’ve had this blouse stashed away in my closet since the Pennington’s event a few months back. Its a really great, light weight pussybow top but I’m a bit disappointed with the result after one wash. I found some loose threads and the bits to tie the bow looked really saggy and worn. I guess I can’t really complain because I did get this top for free but it is disappointing. Its still very cute and comfortable though, I’ll give it that much. 
    My cat decided to hang out with me while I took these photos which I think is just about the cutest thing in the world. I just had to keep her around for a few shots cause well, look how cute and adorable she is! Anyways, I’m wasting precious Casper watching time!
    Blouse – Penningtons
    Shorts – New Look
    Tights – Addition Elle
    Boots – Urban Behaviour
    Jacket – Walmart
    October 23, 2011

    I Never Said I Miss You

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    I’m sitting here in a Winnie the Pooh robe trying to distract myself from how cold I am. Its 12 degrees in Toronto, the sun is barely out and its been raining constantly since the weekend. I’m always a bit bummed out in this weather but I’m trying to make the best of it. Unfortunately, I’m still stocked up on summer clothing with very few actual warm pieces to throw on when the weather is this dreadfully cold. Like always, I have to make it work and I’m slowly adding thicker, warmer clothing to my wardrobe. 
    Thankfully I found the jacket of my dreams this past Sunday when I was shopping with Stina. If you happen to have a Walmart near you (which, lets not kid ourselves, who doesn’t?) I suggest you go check out their stock of jackets. I nabbed this beautiful jacket for $30 which is a major steal. I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect moto jacket and even considered dishing out $100 but Walmart’s alternative is just as good, if not better. 
    I’m probably going to be investing most of my spare money on boots this winter. One of my biggest pet peeves about the cold weather is having cold feet, that’s just one feeling I cannot deal with. For some odd reason my boots turned out black in these photos but they’re actually a dark brown. I’ve had these for years but I’ve had bad luck every time I wear them. I fractured and sprained my ankle on two separate occasions in these boots so you can probably imagine how cautious I am when it comes to walking in these. They’re just too cute and cozy to put away forever, though. Disregard the mess, by the way. I was in such a rush to leave my house and it ended up looking pretty unkept by the time I was ready to snap a few shots.
    Jacket – Walmart
    Top – Penningtons
    Belt – ASOS
    Skirt – H&M
    Tights – We Love Colours
    Boots – Urban Outfitters

    I see a lot of people posting music and I’ve been meaning to do that for awhile. I spent a lot of time listening to this song last fall and I can foresee myself listening to it even more this year. Its just one of those songs that makes me feel good and nostalgic at the same time.

    Lovers’ Name – Goldenwest
    October 20, 2011

    Brand New Ghoulfriend

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    Remember a few months ago when I featured this really babely fashion blogger No Futvre? Remember when I spent half of the post talking about how much I adored her style and how cool I thought she was? Well, my dreams came true last night when I had the chance to eat McDonalds, shop and check out Halloween goodies at Walmart with her. 
    If you don’t know of Stina I suggest you stop reading this post right now and go check out her blog. I really mean it! Her style is untouchable and I’m happy to report that she’s pretty amazing company as well. I’m still on cloud 9 after hanging out with her but I’ll spare everyone from too much gushing. I just have to say that it was pretty cute that we both unknowingly wore the exact same lipstick. Twinsiez! 
    We ran out of sunlight before any of us could get proper outfit photos but we ended up taking a mock shoot inside of the McDonalds bathroom. I guess these, as well as the Walmart photos, are going to have to do. I wanted to look witchy, I felt witchy and I was witchy. Fall has that effect on me. I have nothing else I want to say because all I want to do is fill this post with photos so that is exactly what I’m going to do. Enjoy!
    Long Line Bra – Hips & Curves
    Cardigan – Stiches
    Mini Skirt – H&M
    Lace Broom Skirt – Forever 21
    Belt – Icing by Claire’s 
    Shoes – Aldo
    October 18, 2011
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