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September 2011

    The Clothing Show

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    Things have been a bit crazy this past week and I have a ton of things to update about. I was incredibly lucky to win a wristband to see Jay Manuel premiere his new line Attitude at Sears last Tuesday (Karen of Curvy Canadian also attended!) and I will be blogging with my review later on this week. For now I bring you an update about my first ever experience going to The Clothing Show in Toronto. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I never even knew The Clothing Show existed before this year but I’m glad Karen (can you tell we hang out a lot? haha) brought it to my attention. I went in with little to no expectations but I was so pleased to see what was waiting for us inside.
    For those who don’t know The Clothing show is Canada’s largest vintage and independent designer show. Here’s a description right from their website!

    For over 33 years The Clothing Show has been serving up a delicious mix of unmistakably inventive local “must have” lines of apparel & accessories. Catch runway shows throughout the weekend, featuring local designers. Shop from more than 300 booths from the Local Canadian Designer, Streetwear, Vintage and Sample Sales Sections and find a vast selection to suit anyone’s fancy. Whatever your delight, The Clothing Show is the one stop, full weekend shopping experience for everyone!

    I had originally gone with my heart set on watching the fashion shows. Karen spoke so highly of Ashaki Charles and I knew I was going to enjoy discovering new Canadian plus size designers. The exhibit isn’t exclusive to plus size retail but it certainly does include and promote the existing and upcoming local talent. I’ve already made a mental note to save up a ton of cash for next year’s show. I overheard someone say that The Clothing Show is where they purchase a lot of their best pieces and now I know exactly what they mean. I saw so many unique, creative and well crafted items. It broke my heart just a little bit to walk away from all the things I couldn’t afford. 
    Hello Kitty! and the hat that Karen fell pretty hard over
    Do you ever walk into a mall or store and just get overwhelmed with everything that you want to buy? Realistically you can’t really afford it but you’re suddenly dreaming of the many different ways you could go about affording the gloriously beautiful things you’re witnessing? Thats exactly how I felt when I walked into the venue on Saturday. My mind couldn’t exactly process just how much I wanted to snag up everything and keep it close to my heart forever and always. I think my favourite part about getting to attend this event was realizing that maybe Toronto did have a lot of what I was looking for as a fashion junkie. Though not everything I loved was offered in my size I could see the change before my eyes. I met a few lovely ladies who were incredibly eager to hear Karen and I talk about our roles in the plus size community and are willing to take suggestions from us for their clothing rental store (Rent Frock Repeat). We also met Mélanie Dubuc, an independent Quebec designer who has her very own chic plus size line. She was so sweet and even more excited to know that we were plus size fashion designers. Mélanie Dubuc’s designs also appeared on the runway where she showcased a few pieces I intend to get my hands on as soon as possible. I fell madly in love with her houndsooth skirt and my heart has been taken since! 
    Unfortunately I left my handy dandy camera at home so I wasn’t able to take proper outfit photos but Karen was kind enough to take a few on her iPhone for me. A lot of the pictures didn’t really catch the detail of the lace on the dress but I managed to find a few that turned out well. I’ve been iffy about this dress since the moment I received it. I’m not entirely sold on strapless dresses only because I haven’t really found the perfect strapless bra to go along with them. I’m really thankful that I didn’t sell this dress when I had the chance to months ago because I’m really realizing how lovely it is. I still need to hunt down the perfect accessories to go along with it but keeping my trench on the entire day helped give it an extra kick. 
    Dress – Asos
    Trench – Walmart
    Tights – We Love Colours
    Ring – Aldo
    Bag – Private Seller
    Shoes – Payless Shoe Store
    September 28, 2011

    Addition Elle Styling Event

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    About a month ago Addition Elle held a blogger styling event and I was lucky enough to be invited to attend. I was over the moon about getting to be part of such an incredible experience but I was a bit nervous at the same time. In a short week, the day arrived and I headed to Addition Elle event with fellow fashion blogger Karen (of Curvy Canadian). We were the first bloggers to arrive and we were instantly treated with the upmost respect and grace. In a few short minutes other bloggers began to arrive and I could begin to feel just how important and momentous this day would be for me.

    I had the pleasure of meeting other amazing, talented fashion bloggers as well as the kind and extremely sweet people behind Addition Elle and the event. I wish I could just go on and on about how much fun I had and how much I did not want the event to be over but I’ll try to refrain from making this post too long. I’ll just sum up by saying that everyone left an extremely good impression on me and I will always cherish the memories from this day.

    With all the being said, I did go to the event for a reason. We were set up with a model and asked to create two different looks for her to wear. I felt a bit nervous that I wasn’t going to pull off two different looks in time but after browsing and changing up outfits a few times I came up with two ensembles I’m really proud of. I felt like I wanted to create something that represented my style but still allowing others to feel like they could wear it too. I love taking something basic and giving it a bit of an edge or pairing it with something unlikely. So, after a month of impatiently waiting for the chance to share my looks with you I’m so glad to finally premiere them. Addition Elle now has them as well as the other gorgeous outfits put together by my fellow fashion bloggers here. Please make sure to vote for your favourite outfits and be entered for a chance to win $150 to shop at Addition Elle (which also includes their brand new Michel Studio Line). I have to say I’m really quite impressed with what they’ve come out with but I’ll get into that in a later post.

    click here for to vote for the blogger styling contest!

    I have a ton of photos to share from this event and its so hard to narrow it down to just a few so I’ll just spam this post and accept that it’l be the longest one I’ll probably ever do in my blog’s history! Of course, I’ll have the ones that didn’t make the cut on my flickr.

    The lovely Isabelle of La Vie C’est YeYe and Robyn of Fashionista 514

    It was a pleasure meeting Sasha and Garcia of Flaws of Couture 

    I cannot say enough just how wonderful it was to see everyone (Sasha and Garcia of Flaws of Couture , Karen of Curvy Canadian, Isabelle of La Vie C’est YeYe and Robyn of Fashionista 514, Alison of ‘Round Raglan Road , Kendall Donaldson, Kristania of Monochrome Chic and Sunny D of thatshardcore) and how excited to finally write this post. The styling contest ends on October 11th so please make sure to go over, vote and enter for your chance to win $150 (Canadian residents only). You can vote everyday too!
    Belt – Asos
    Top – H&M
    Skirt – Dorothy Perkins
    Necklace/Shoes/Ring – Aldo
    September 23, 2011

    Autumn Blues

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    It isn’t quite autumn yet but its beginning to feel a lot like it in Toronto. The last few days have been so chilly that even a pair of tights and a cardigan isn’t enough to leave the house with. I’m a bit sad to see the summer leave and I will most certainly miss the extended days and sunlight but I’m over the heat. If I could somehow mix cold weather with long, summer days I’d be over the moon about the weather. 
    I put this outfit together for an important meeting with Addition Elle a few weeks ago. My dear friend gave me this dress for my birthday and I was dying to wear it. I’ve wanted a dress just like this one for awhile now after being inspired by an episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl. I don’t quite have all of the items I need to complete the look but I really couldn’t be bothered to wait. I just adore how flowey and comfortable this dress is. Can we just talk about this rich blue colour as well? How beautiful, right? I’m so excited that I actually own this, even if I might have to wait awhile until I pull off the outfit I’m thinking of. 
    Dress – Gift (from Asos)
    Belt/Tights – Penningtons
    Cardigan – Stitches 
    Pins – Thrifted
    Earrings – Aldo
    Shoes – Payless Shoe Store
    September 18, 2011

    Customer Appreciation Party at Addition Elle SQUARE ONE

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    Customer Appreciation Party, Saturday, September 17th, 2011 AT THE SQUARE ONE LOCATION! 20% off the entire store (cannot be combined with any other coupons or discounts). 8am start with an EARLY BIRD breakfast, and the first 20 customers receive a gift card!

    This is an event you DO NOT want to miss! Addition Elle is bringing you their new MICHEL Studio collection and you’ve got the opportunity to check it out, try them on and get 20% OFF! Not only that, but you’ll be able to get style advice from Flaws of Couture, Garters and Stockings (thats me!) and Curvy Canadian who are all in store from 2 o’clock that afternoon!

    Why you’ve GOT to come:

    *Gift Bag giveaways from different companies and ALL bags have an MP3 Player in them!

    *Raffles throughout the day! Restaurant, personal training, makeover etc.

    *Fashion Bloggers are in at 2PM to promote and give styling advice to customers

    *Food and beverage served throughout the day

    ***20% off the entire store! (Cannot be combined with any other coupon or discount).

    It is very clear that this is a MUST GO TO event! Come out and have some fun with us at Addition Elle. There is a lot in store and some AMAZING pieces from the MICHEL STUDIO line that we know you all will die for!

    Cant wait to see you all there!

    September 15, 2011

    Business As Usual

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    I’ve been really bad with keeping this up to date for the past 2 weeks or so but I’m trying my darndest to ensure it stays updated regularly. I was all excited to briefly talk about the new set of frames that I own but they gave out on me after two days of use. That’s the last time I buy a cheap pair of plastic frames from ebay and put my prescription lenses into them. Thankfully I already found a nicer, sturdier pair and I’m just waiting for it to arrive. I really hope it lasts for me this time around.
    I’ve been going through a bit of a dry spell with my wardrobe lately so I’m really grateful that I was invited to Pennington’s Style to Surprise event. I was able to get a few pieces that are really going to be worn quite often this fall and I’m so excited for the weather to finally cool. One of my absolute favourite pieces that I picked up from Penningtons was was the pencil skirt pictured above. I’m a real sucker for high waisted anything and I’m so pleased with the quality and cut of this skirt. I know its going to last me awhile and thats exactly how you want to feel when you buy anything. 
    I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about this outfit because guess what? I made my very first video outfit of the day!!! It was a bit rushed and I was seriously so hot when I made it but I’m so happy that I actually have the recording equipment in order to do anything. So, without further adieu here is my very first (and certainly not my last) video OoTD!

    Cardigan – Gift
    Shirt – Voluptuous
    Skirt – Penningtons
    Rings – H&M (I think)
    Bracelet – Borrowed from my sis
    Lipstick – Rebel by Mac

    September 12, 2011

    Part of Growing Up

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    It’s been awhile or at least it feels like it! These last few days have been pretty hectic. My younger sister moved away to college and there was a ton of things going on for me outside of the internet. I’ve missed blogging though and truth be told, its hard to stay away for long. Unfortunately, I took these photos so long (at least 2 weeks) that I hardly remember what I was doing that day. I’ll just assume I was hanging out with a friend or something along those lines.
    I’m really not that experienced when it comes to styling hair, in fact I’d call myself pretty terrible when it comes down to it. I tend to sit in front of the computer, watch youtube videos of hair tutorials and wish that I had the patience to do something like that. The most I’ve done with my hair lately are pin-curls and luckily for me, its the simplest process I could ask for. This is the result after a day or two but I think it looks pretty good! What do you think? I’m kind of digging this look on me. As far as the outfit goes, well I assume I was just channelling a sexy secretary look or at least my best attempt at some sort of alternative version of that. All I know is that I’m probably going to end up wearing this outfit any excuse I have because it incorporates everything I seem to be obsessed with when it comes to fashion. Who says you need to constantly do something new? Sometimes sticking with what you know works the very best.
    Top – H&M
    Skirt – Asos
    Earrings – Aldo
    Bracelet – Gift
    Shoes – Walmart

    September 7, 2011
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