Oh Baby!

Every once in awhile I’ll try to do something completely different from my usual style. I’ve purposely made myself buy things that I found cute but couldn’t possibly think of a way to wear to test my comfort with my own personal style. 
I felt like today was a good day to test my limits — or much rather just grab whatever and go with it. I wanted to wear something different and finally put to use some of those items that have been stashed away in my closet forever. Since I’ve been feeling a lot more confident with my use of colour, I thought I’d do a baby/pastel colour palette. 
I decided to keep accessorizing to a minimum. Even if I am trying something totally new, I wanted to keep an element of my own personal style. I’m not one to go over the top with accessories. I like to add and play with colour, using lipstick or blush as a way to play up or down my look. I grabbed the first bright pink colour that I found in my makeup box and thankfully, it helped tie the entire look together for me. I feel pretty darned good about heading out to sip on an iced coffee, run some errands and enjoy the rest of my day.
Cardigan – Dynamite 
Undershirt – Winners
Skirt – Dorothy Perkins
Belt – Walmart 
Necklace – Dollarama
Shoes – Etsy


  1. SRS says:

    i love this look and your makeup! the bright pink lip looks so amazing on you and is so flattering to your skin tone. new follower for sure! 🙂

    sarah rose

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