Asos Obsession

For anyone who has ordered online, you know the risk you take when you purchase anything. It can be a size too small or big, your items might get lost in the mail, the fabric might be irritating but you take the risk anyway because of the convenience and discount price. Asos was never my first choice when shopping online for a multitude of reasons. They weren’t exactly the most reliable of sources and their prices were always far too expensive for me to even consider purchasing. Most of all, their selection of clothing was far too mediocre to really pay full price for. So, I’m sure you can imagine how odd this next sentence might be for me to type out. I’m falling in love with Asos. I never thought I’d utter, let alone type those words out anytime soon but along the way, Asos has made a vast improvement.


Anyone who has glanced at Asos within the past month or so has probably noticed a distinct change in their selection of plus size clothing. Patterns, collars, vibrant colours and many other recent trends are consistently appearing in their Curve selection. Aside from the obvious expensive price tag, I’m really impressed by what Asos seems adamant on doing; offering the latest trends to the plus size women of the world. Is it true? Is Asos stepping up their game? I think the answer is a resounding Yes.


  1. mel says:

    Ahh I've been obsessed for a long while to be honest! I own a very large selection of the pieces they've created and its definitely the first place I will go to for clothing. I just wish they'd get the sizing issue worked out, I don't know how its possible that I can go between the smallest and largest size depending on the garment.

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