OoTD – The Fairest of Them All

I meant to post this outfit days ago but I’ve been too busy to sit down and make a post. We’ve been having extremely hot weather in Toronto for the past week or so and I’ve taken to my no sleeves rule quite religiously. I’m going to admit that this was my very first time wearing a sleeveless dress in public since, well I cannot even remember when. Though it felt a little scary, I didn’t have an ounce of regret when I felt the heat hit my body.
 When I was a little girl everyone would tease me by calling me Snow White because my skin is white as snow and my lips are bright red. I used to resent the very mention of Snow White but I really grew to love and embrace the resemblance. I think Ms. White would be quite pleased with my tribute to her, even if I could (and will) go the extra mile.
Dress – Voluptuous 
Belt – Urban Outfitters
Shoes – Payless Shoe Store
Headscarf – Asos


  1. Claire says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.
    And I am jealous of your flawless skin.
    Have you done a makeup tutorial before? I'm so interested in it; that blush is stunning!
    Love – your old tumblr follower ufo.tofu
    (aka Claire)

  2. Elata says:

    I would have loved being called Snow White. It's one of my fave stories and she is so beautiful 🙂
    Blue dress and red headscarf combo looks really pretty 🙂

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