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I felt incredibly uninspired last night, even if all I needed to get dressed up for was a walk to the corner store. Sometimes I feel like I really don’t have many clothes at all but then I remember I’ve just gotten into the habit of wearing it once and stashing it away until months down the line. 
Like I stated before, this isn’t a habit I want to keep. I’d like to be able to look through my wardrobe and feel like I made a smart decision with my purchases. I spend a lot of time looking for deals and getting the most for my money so I might as well continue the trend at home. So, I pulled out two items I’ve worn plenty of times and paired them together. Sometimes I forget that I’m still really new to this whole fashion thing. I really never thought I’d be the type to care for clothing but ever since I realized how much I could get from expressing myself through fashion, I’ve never looked back. 
Shirt – Fats Community
Skirt – i_dressup on ebay
Earrings – Aldo Accesories
Shoes – Payless Shoe Store

July 8, 2011
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    I love that skirt and those earrings go with it so well! Adorable outfit! http://curvycanadian.blogspot.com

    July 9, 2011 at 3:11 am
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