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July 2011

    OoTD – Au Revoir

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    In my most private dreams, I’m at waitress at a small cafĂ© in France. I’ve picked up the language perfectly and I have a vintage inspired apartment all my own. I’ve lived there for years and I’ve grown accustomed to the culture but most importantly, the fashion. In reality, I’m a Canadian born fat girl with an incredibly large fascination for French culture. It’s probably the main reason why I’ve made it a hobby to pick up anything that strikes me as remotely French inspired. 
    So, its obvious that my point with this outfit was creating something that appeared French. Even though I ditched “La Grande Fille” I still hold the language and culture very dear to my heart. At this point I’ll do anything I can in order to feel like I’ve taken a bit of dream lifestyle with me.
    Cardigan – Gift
    Shirt – Winners
    Skirt – Forever21
    Shoes – Payless Shoe Store
    July 27, 2011

    Just Go With It

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    So, if you’ve visited my blog at all within the past few minutes you’ll notice a huge change. I’ve felt for awhile now that La Grande Fille doesn’t really represent me anymore. I was a totally different person when I started this blog, with a totally different attitude and a completely different style. Like many of us, we grow into new things and leave our old interests behind. Ditching my old name was hard but I feel like this is the best thing for me and my blog. In addition, I’ve decided to ditch some of the very routine ways I’d go about posting. I’m sure you’ll notice a few subtle changes in the days to come!

    Anyhow, I’ve had these outfit pictures stored in my flickr for a few days now. I really haven’t found much inspiration in my closet lately but I’m still doing my very best not to buy much else these days. I think I’m doing a pretty good job of staying on task but I won’t lie and say its the easiest thing I’ve done.

    Top – H&M
    Skirt – Can’t Remember
    Belt – Asos
    Shoes – Aldo
    July 26, 2011

    The Little Blue Dress

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    My dear friend Gazel (of Bonjour Gazel) put together a large clothing sale on her blog. She was kind enough to give me a glance before it premiered and I had the pleasure of nabbing a few items. If any of you follow Gazel, you probably already know what an amazing wardrobe this young lady has. I was a bit ecstatic to see some of my favourite pieces up for sale but I only ended up grabbing two of them. 
    I can only describe this piece as the perfect little blue dress. It may not be ideal for the summer time (due to too much wind, heavy fabric and long sleeves) but that sure as hell didn’t stop me from finding an excuse to wear it the very first day it got here. I popped on my brand new yellow belt to break it up and voila, I had an outfit! I’m so inspired to find the perfect pair of shoes for this outfit too, maybe a pair of gold flats or yellow wedges. There are just so many different ways I want to wear this dress and I cannot wait to do so!
    Dress – Via Bonjour Gazel
    Belt – Asos
    Earrings – Alo
    Shoes – Payless Shoe Store

    July 14, 2011

    Asos Obsession

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    For anyone who has ordered online, you know the risk you take when you purchase anything. It can be a size too small or big, your items might get lost in the mail, the fabric might be irritating but you take the risk anyway because of the convenience and discount price. Asos was never my first choice when shopping online for a multitude of reasons. They weren’t exactly the most reliable of sources and their prices were always far too expensive for me to even consider purchasing. Most of all, their selection of clothing was far too mediocre to really pay full price for. So, I’m sure you can imagine how odd this next sentence might be for me to type out. I’m falling in love with Asos. I never thought I’d utter, let alone type those words out anytime soon but along the way, Asos has made a vast improvement.


    Anyone who has glanced at Asos within the past month or so has probably noticed a distinct change in their selection of plus size clothing. Patterns, collars, vibrant colours and many other recent trends are consistently appearing in their Curve selection. Aside from the obvious expensive price tag, I’m really impressed by what Asos seems adamant on doing; offering the latest trends to the plus size women of the world. Is it true? Is Asos stepping up their game? I think the answer is a resounding Yes.

    July 14, 2011

    OoTD – The Apple Playsuit

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    I’ve spent the last few months keeping tabs on this playsuit from Asos. I instantly fell in love with the print, colour and cut. It’s definitely no secret that I love wearing anything high waisted, too! This playsuit (or romper to some) seemed to have my name written all over it and I couldn’t have been more ecstatic to see it was marked down for Asos’ summer sale.
    If any of you watched my Asos Haul video you would have seen me mention that I wasn’t too keen on the fabric. For some reason Asos tends to make a good portion of their stock with the same silk fabric which doesn’t work well in the summer time. It has absolutely no breath which tends to work in reverse if you’re wearing it to avoid feeling too hot. However, I’m still 100% in love with this playsuit and I cannot wait to wear it more this summer. I’ll just have to pull it out on a slightly cooler day.
    Playsuit – Asos
    White Bangle – Local Shop
    Earrings – Aldo
    Shoes – Forever21

    July 13, 2011
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