Downtown Promotion

With Big, Fat Toronto literally only days away, Maxey and I have been working hard to get the word out. We hit the town Monday evening to put our very first flyers out.
Above is Maxey and I in front of our first posted flyer (B&W version designed by yours truly). I can’t even explain how wonderful it was to put up our flyers around town. It doesn’t actually feel real just yet and its hard to believe the BFT is just around the corner. Maxey and I originally started with the idea of small, minuscule idea of a quiet picnic between fashion bloggers but now its taken off into a large body positive event. I cannot wait to see who shows up!
We obviously took the opportunity to get some shots in of our outfits in front of this really adorable wall. If there’s one thing I love about Toronto its the graffiti walls all around the city. You just cannot find this in my neck of the woods. I purchased the blouse above on Asos about 2 or so weeks ago on a whim. I’ve been itching to add more prints into my wardrobe and this caught my eye immediately. I didn’t have a chance to get detail shots but the design has waves and birds all over it. Its pretty and light fabric, which makes for  a great summer top. Unfortunately, the weather did not play nice with my hair nor did my (much too large) belt work in my favour. 
Top/Skirt: Asos
Belt: Chic Star
Shoes: Aldo

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