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May 2011

    OoTD – The Catching Up

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    I’m off to hang out with an old friend any minute now but I wanted to post my outfit in real time. I had absolutely no inspiration today so I threw on an outfit I’ve already put together in the past but jazzed it up with vibrant accessories (earrings, lipstick). I’m trying to get use to walking around in heels more so I’m wearing my favourite pair out to grab coffee and talk about life.
    Cardigan – Winners
    Shirt – Walmart
    Skirt – Forever21
    Shoes – Payless Shoe Store
    Earrings – Aldo Accessories

    May 9, 2011

    OoTD – The Vote

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    On Monday May 2nd, Canada voted for their new government and I took the opportunity to get dolled up. Even though I only needed to leave my house to vote and run a few errands, I felt really inspired to put something a bit more fancy together. I’m not the type of person who just throws on some tights and a t-shirt to head to the store so putting this ensemble together to head out and vote seemed fitting. 
    Now, I have to brag a bit about my new brown leather purse. I’ve been looking for the perfect brown bag for months. In fact, its become a bit of an obsession but being the type of shopper that I am, I can’t justify a big purchase. Etsy has always served me well when trying to find the perfect item for a decent price. I was shooting anywhere from the $10 to $20 mark but I was absolutely shocked when I saw the price of this purse. Sweetie2Sweetie — which has now become one of my favourite Etsy shops — was selling this gem for $2.99! I put it in my shopping cart immediately and bought it without a second thought but secretly told myself not to expect much. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived in the mail to find it was in even better shape then I could have imagined. I highly suggest checking out Sweetie2Sweetie if you want a quality items for an extremely reasonable price.
    Top – H&M
    Skirt – Avenue
    Belt – Walmart
    Tights – Winners
    Shoes – Payless Shoe Store
    Earrings – Aldo

    May 4, 2011

    OoTD – The Graffiti

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    Over the weekend, I happened to find a neat graffitied brick wall that simply begged to be use in an OoTD. I took the opportunity to get a bit more creative with the shots than usual, while still concentrating on the task at hand.
    I already posted most of these photos to my tumblr because I simply couldn’t wait to share them. It’s been awhile since I really hung out in Toronto and being part of the city felt extremely nice. I forgot how vibrant and exciting the city can be. 
    Anybody who followers my tumblr or has had a decent conversation with me knows my obsession with The Smiths. I listen to anything Morrissey when I’m getting ready to go out or I’m in the mood to — which is pretty often. I decided to print the lyrics (and song title) of one of my favourite Smiths’ songs on an old white t-shirt. Being the FA that I am, I decided to pair the shirt with one of my tightest, belly hugging skirts to emphasize the message — Some Girls are Bigger than Others. The only thing that would make this ensemble better would be Natalie Perkins’ “Fat” necklace.
    Shirt – Homemade
    Skirt (Originally a halter) – Fashion Max
    Belt – Fats Community
    Coat – Walmart
    Bag – Thrift
    Shoes – Aldo
    Earrings – Aldo 
    May 3, 2011
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