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May 2011

    OoTD – The Flyers

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    I really don’t make a point of using my webcam to take OoTDs but I didn’t really have the patience to take proper photos, upload them and go about the usual process. I’m heading out to get some flyers printed for Big, Fat Toronto. I’m really excited that its next weekend but I still cannot believe that its almost here! I hope to see some of you at the swap and discussion. 🙂
    Dress – Winners
    Cardigan – Gifted
    Boots – Walmart
    Pins – Thrifted + Etsy
    Belt – Fats Community

    May 28, 2011

    OoTD – The Date with Maxey

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    As some of you may know, I’m planning a swap + fat positive discussion with fellow fashion blogger Maxey Day on the 4th of June. She flew into Toronto this week and we met for the very time yesterday. We dinned, thrifted and strolled around Toronto for a few hours and I had an amazing time. I seriously cannot wait for Big, Fat Toronto and I can’t believe its only a week away! Make sure to come by on the 4th of June if you’re in or around Toronto!
    I wanted to look cute for my first “date” with Maxey. I’ll admit, its a bit nerve-wrecking meeting up with a fellow fashion blogger but Maxey was just so sweet that it felt like we were old friends anyhow. I opted for my brand new shorts from New Look — which happen to be my favourite pair of shorts ever — and an old H&M top that I picked up on clearance. 
    Top – H&M
    Shorts – New Look
    Belt – Walmart
    Shoes – Can’t remember

    May 28, 2011

    OoTD – The Victoria Day

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    Due to the terrible weather and lack of quality photos, I only really have this picture to post of my outfit from Victoria Day. I took advantage of the cool breeze and wore my bomber again before I tuck it away for good this summer.
    Bomber – Asos
    Shirt – H&M
    Skirt – Asos
    Buttons – Etsy
    May 24, 2011

    OoTD – The Bomber

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    The weather has been really temperamental in Toronto lately. Just when I think we’re going to have summer weather for good, I wake up the very next day to find its cold and raining. Fortunately, its given me the chance to wear my bomber a few more times before the weather gets too hot. 
    I originally bought this dress without an idea in the world how I’d wear it and the bomber never felt right the first few times I put it on. Sometimes all you really need is to put two unlikely pieces together to fall in love with an outfit. In this case, I took something relatively cute and gave it a bit of an edge. I completed the look but throwing on my red cat eye glasses and slipping into my thigh high winter boots. 
    Bomber – Asos Curve
    Dress – Voluptuous
    Boots – Payless Shoe Store 
    May 23, 2011

    Chic Star Review & “The False Contender” Photoshoot

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    About a month or so ago I purchased this dress from Chic Star. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I fell for the colour, the cut and more importantly, the fact that it was available in my size. I bought it on a whim and impatiently awaited its arrival. After a few weeks, I received an empty package from Chic Star and I was devastated, to say the least. Somehow the package had gotten damaged in the mail and the dress was nowhere to be found. Fortunately for me, the dress turned up a week or so later in perfect condition.
    At first glance, I was a bit disappointed with the shape of the dress. The dress is cut with no shape and the fabric feels a bit tough. To be honest, it looked and felt a bit like costume fabric. I put on with high hopes anyway but I was a bit disappointed to find it was too large around my bust and gave me little to no shape. While I do adore this dress and really appreciate the way it makes me feel, I’m a bit disappointed with how many alterations I will need to make to it. Maybe I should have ordered a size down or its really just not meant to be very form fitting but I definitely expected something a bit different.
    Even though I was disappointed with my first purchase, I still have high hopes for Chic Star. Would I order from them again? Definitely. The site offers me a wide selection of plus size pinup clothing with an extremely reasonable price. Do I think I didn’t take into consideration the sizing and cut of the dress when placing my order? Yes. I will be the first to admit that I bought on a whim and I didn’t ask myself the usual questions when I make an online purchase. A dress like this will always be hit or miss and I probably should have expected that it would need a few alterations. 
    I really do appreciate what Chic Star is about. Its a community based fashion website that allows the users to pick and choose the content that make it onto their site.  Its extremely interactive and even gives you the chance to have your design on the website! I’m also a big fan of the rewards you receive simply for uploading a photo of yourself wearing their clothing. I am excited to order more from Chic Star, I’m excited to see what other articles of clothing make it on to the website and I couldn’t be more pleased to know they offer my style in my size! 
    In conclusion, I really do like Chic Star and give them a 3.5/5. The site is great, with a wide selection and reasonable priced clothing. 
    May 20, 2011

    OoTD – The New Look

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    Over the weekend, I decided to cut my bangs. I had been thinking about doing this for some time but I definitely feared it wouldn’t look right on me. After becoming extremely frustrated with my previous mundane hair and receiving some terrible news that week, I decided to just take the plunge and go for it anyway. I needed a peak me up and trying something totally and entirely new seemed appropriate. Luckily for me, I instantly felt babelicious after the deed was done. 
    I must admit, I’m not used to having big accessories in my hair and its taking some time to get entirely comfortable with the new bangs. Honestly though, I have dreamt of dressing this way for so long that it finally feels right, regardless of how cheesy that might sound. I finally have a use for the dress Yammering Muse sent me awhile back and I’m pleasantly taking more risks with my wardrobe. 
    Dress: Gift from Yammering Muse
    Cardigan: Winners
    Tights: Can’t remember
    Shoes: Icing by Claire’s
    Flower: Can’t remember
    Buttons: Mstalker402

    May 16, 2011
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