OoTD – The Skirt

A few ago I purchased my very first long skirt from Such Moonshiners of Etsy. I’m not usually very comfortable in anything below the knee but after finding this skirt I simply needed it. The print brings me back to my vacation to Portugal when I was a young girl. It reminds me of the lovely scenery and elderly women I’d meet. It felt almost like I had found an old article of my past relative’s clothing.
Now, I’m not one to buy long skirts. I have a love/hate relationship with anything that hits below my knee but because I loved this print so much I wanted to take the chance. I do have other plans for this skirt but I felt compelled to try it out as a dress before wearing it properly. It felt a bit strange to have skirt  placed around my bust but I’m always up for the challenge of reworking my wardrobe. I’m really digging the way this turned out, even if it might have hugged my breasts a little weird. 
Cardigan – Winners
Skirt Turned into Dress – Such Moonshiners
Belt – Walmart
Shoes – Modcloth
Earrings – Aldo
Ring: Can’t Remember
Lipstick – Wet N Wild 519A

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  1. Too bad it doesn't work very well the other way around, since I tend to feel uncomfortable in anything above my knee but love maxi dresses and skirts 😀 Anyway, this gave me a weird idea… definitely worth a try.

  2. ooooh girl, this is on point! i love the print and colours on you and the fact you're rewrorking it to your taste. i hate when people disregard things because they can't see past how you're "supposed" to wear them.x