OoTD – The Sesame Street Tee

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First, I’m going to apologize for the quality of these photos. I stayed at a friend’s place for the night and I completely forgot either of my good cameras at home. Thankfully, I had my old canon stashed away in my bag. Secondly, I managed to forget any sort of accessories (which I was not happy about) at home. 

I absolutely adore this shirt. The moment I saw it, I needed to have it. I searched frantically through the pile of Extra Smalls and Mediums to find one last XL in stock. Unfortunately, it had a white line over Ernie’s face but that wasn’t enough to make me put it back. 
Originally I had planned to wear a red blazer instead of my black cardigan with this outfit. However, after seeing it on, it didn’t quite mesh well. It was definitely one of those ideas that look better in your head. 
Shirt: Wal-mart
Cardigan: Winners
Skirt: Forever21
Boots: Wal-mart
October 22, 2010
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