OoTD – The Basics

I wasn’t intending to really do much with my day, except lay in bed and browse through http://www.polyvore.com/ to create outfits. Unexpectedly, plans arose so I had a reason to get myself all dolled up.

No real intention with this outfit. In fact, I didn’t really even know what the plans were when I threw it on. I figured it’d be appropriate for most situations I would end up in. However, blazers don’t allow for much movement when it comes to bowling. Next time I’ll opt for a cardigan.
Unfortunately, my camera battery died on me before I could take any photos of the details. I wore the Asos Multi Metal Rings short necklace and paired it with gold rose earrings I picked up from Aldo Accessories. I wanted to keep my outfit as minimal and simple as possible.
Blazer – Thrifted (Value Village)
Dress – Walmart (Again, its always worth checking out!)
Leggings – Fashion Max
Boots – Walmart
Earrings – Aldo Accesories

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