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A Pastel Winter

Whoa, it feels like forever since I've made a proper blog post around here. Things have been kinda crazy since I moved, but I'm finally figuring out my life again and getting settled into my new home. If you want to know what I've been up to on a daily basis, I'm doing vlogmas over on my Youtube channel! With that being said, I have so many new outfits to share with all of you. I am genuinely ... Read More about A Pastel Winter

Let’s talk about sweat, baby

I'm about to get real raw today, because I'm about to open up about something I've never talked about before. Sweat. Lots and lots of sweaty sweat that has been a thorn in my side since as far back as I can remember. Nervous sweat, excessive sweat, you name it. I've got it. Excessive sweating effects a lot of us, but we seldom talk about it so openly. I sure as heck I know I could use more open ... Read More about Let’s talk about sweat, baby

Gift Giving Guide for the Aesthetic Queen

It's cyber week, babies, which means discounts a plenty. Whether you're an early shopper or late shopper, I can firmly say now is the time to start thinking of what you're going to give your loved ones. Heck, its time to start thinking of how you're going to treat yourself too! Since I'm doing some shopping, I thought I'd show you some of my fav aesthetically driven pieces that would make a great ... Read More about Gift Giving Guide for the Aesthetic Queen

Where to Buy Plus Size Sleepwear

I'm a sleepwear person. I have daytime PJs and nighttime PJS, and picking out the perfect plus size sleepwear is an incredibly personal process for me. Now that its getting really chilly outside, I look forward to replenishing my sleepwear with soft flannels, cozy robes and thick PJs. So, I figured since I'm already on the hunt myself, why not show you all where I'll be shopping for plus size ... Read More about Where to Buy Plus Size Sleepwear